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ENG  Brest-Grodno

Foreign citizens without opening visa can arrive in the zone of action of the visa-free mode "Brest-Grodno" on next territory:

- City Brest;

- Brest district;

- Pruzhany district;

- Kamenets district;

- Zhabinka district;

- Svisloch district;

- City Grodno;

- Grodno district;

- Svisloch district;

- Berestovitsky district,

- Volkovysky district;

- Voronovsky district;

- Lidsky district;

- Schuchinsky district.

1. Not later, than 48 hours before the planned journey contact with us:

е- mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,

Viber: +37529794 81 89,

моб.: +375299487121,

bodies:+375162 20 2910, 53 00 50


2.1. Send us the copy (scan) of your passport 

2.2. Specify the dates of the planned visit

2.3. give us a contact information for feed-back

2.4. Pay the chosen tourist services (or complex trip)

3. After fulfillment of conditions of point №2, we register you and give you a confirmative document that must be shown in the checkpoints (on the border)

4. You can enter Belarus through crossing Belarus State Border at the certain checkpoints:

4.1. If you arrive on a train these are checkpoints of railhead of "Brest Central" (Terespol – Brest), "Grodno" ("Forge Belostotskaya").

4.2. If you arrive on a car or bus:

 а) "Brest" ("Terespol"),

 b) "Domachevo" ("Slovatichi"),

 c) "Peschatka" ("Polovtsy"),

 d) "Pererov" ("Bialowieza"),

 e) "Bruzgi" ("Forge Belostotskaya"),

 f) "Privalka" ("Raigardas"),

 g) “Lesnaya” (“Rudavka”),

 h) “Privalka” (“Shvydubre”).

4.3. If you arrive by air these are checkpoints "Brest Airport", "Grodno Airport".

5. Crossing the border you need to have with yourself next documents:

5.1. valid passport or any other substitution document for travel abroad;

5.2. document, granting the right to visit Brest region (it is issued by us and we send it to you on by e-mail);

5.3. Medical insurance.

5.4. money: when entering Belarus a foreign a visitor should possess not less than 51 Belarusian rubles for each day of stay. This sum can be obtained in foreign currency or in the national currency of Belarus

6. Being in the zone of action of the visa-free mode since November 10, 2019 is let on a term from 1 to 15 days.

Belarus visa free